Monday, July 4, 2016

Fourth of July Parade 2016 Review

I have to say, with this year’s impressive lineup, the parade HAD to be good! And I am glad to say that it very much was!

This year there were over one hundred floats, and each and every one of them did not disappoint. We had Chandler Travis Philharmonic playing their quirky tunes, Where the Sidewalk Ends bookstore with their larger-than-life Pete the Cat, the ever-entertaining Chatham Band and much, much, much, much more!

I spent some of the parade marching with a new(ish) band by the name of Canon Hill. I was blown away by their performance(s) [as I always am] and I hope to see them in future parades!
I would even dare to say that this year’s parade was better than the last year’s, and it was much better than the year before. But it was definitely one of my favorites ever (and if you catch me saying the same exact things next year, let me know!).

It would take me pages and pages to talk about every great float in the parade, but unfortunately I’m out of space here. But, in short, the parade was amazing! Happy Independence Day, everybody!

Verdict: 9.5/10
Hope to see another great parade next year!

Chatham Kids Magazine Issue #10 is out this Wednesday.

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